Employing under 18 year olds
Employment Law Compliance Bill 2008
Why Organisations need to have a Grievance Procedure

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Employment Law News - Peninsula

PENINSULA BUSINESS SERVICES is the leading Employment Law and Health & Safety consultancy in Ireland and the UK.

With 25 years experience, ten of which working in Ireland we are best placed to assist you. The Employment Law and Health & Safety Law departments advise many clients of Peninsula / Chambers Ireland and can advise you on employment issues, such as developing accurate employment policies and procedures, consideration on Health & Safety issues, information / consultation issues and work related stress.


‘In 2006 our company ended up in front of the Rights Commissioner for a case that should never have got that far, it resulted in a settlement that cost us just over 10,000 euro! Following on from this we secured the services of Peninsula Business Services. Peninsula redid all of our contracts, employee handbooks etc and made sure that we were 100% compliant with legislation thus protecting us from any loop holes that could put us back in front of a tribunal. Their 24 hour advice line is a fantastic service as well!

‘The best part about having Peninsula on side is that if you do end up in front of a court or a tribunal and you are ordered to pay compensation for whatever reason, then you will not be out of pocket as Peninsula pay all legal fees and compensation awards, providing you have followed their advice and procedures’

'I would recommend all employers to take on this invaluable service and insurance in order to protect themselves and their business.'

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